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5 reasons why you should go to see Red Sparrow

This blog post is about 5 reasons why you should go to watch the movie Red Sparrow by Jennifer Lawerence.


1)      Jennifer Lawerence’s stunning performance. You can see her spectacular acting skills especially through her eyes in detail for 2 hours and 21 minutes.

2)      The whole plot is full of twists and surprises. If you missed one scene, you will not be able to connect the dots at the end. 

3)      The film opens you to aware and understand what is a Sparrow. And why you should know this piece of complicated and inhuman history.

4)      The whole film consists of gruesome rape scene, brutal torture and horrifying violence. The scene will make you unbreathable to watch and squirm in your seat. However, each scene will drag you deeper and deeper into the story and give you no space to think anything but the whole story.


5)      At last, beyond all the pain, there’s pleasure. I can guarantee you will find this film hugely satisfying after all. (I’m being a bit vague here because I don’t want to spoil anything! But, TRUST ME!)


Last words…

I know this movie didn’t score high in Rotten Tomatoes. The critics mostly focus on the movie being too long and loose. I seriously don’t think so. Each act is crucial for our audience to see how Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence character’s name) evolve to become an intelligent spy. Some say it’s just a movie that stresses heavily on how to become a whore. I can guarantee you that it’s absolutely incorrect. The movie is depicting the truth. There are actual Sparrows conducting honey trap operations back in the Cold War.

At last, for the ones who complain that the movie ignores the specific experiences of victims after sexual violence and should devote more time on illustrating the psychological consequences after sexual violence, I think this requirement is a bit harsh, because Red Sparrow is a spy thriller that mainly focuses on the cruelty of how a girl is trained to detach her mind from her body to become a Sparrow. Consequently, if the movie needs to stress heavily on the psychological consequences after sexual violence, it wouldn’t become a well-articulated spy thriller.  So what do you think? I would love to discuss the movie with everyone of you! :D

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