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We're here to answer any questions you may have.


  1. When I place an order
    • To place an order, add your item(s) to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. Fill in your personal information and payment information and you are good to go!
    • When an order is placed successfully, we will send you a confirmation email
    • If you have not received a confirmation email, contact us an email and we will help you asap.

  1. Order Status
    • When you’ve placed an order, please allow at least 1 business day for the product to be dispatched.
    • We will email you once your order is dispatched and send you the tracking number.
    • During peak season, your order(s) may need 1-2 more business day to leave our warehouse
    • If you have not received an order status email after 3 business days, contact us and we will see what’s wrong


  1. When will I receive my order?
    • Once you’ve placed an order, it takes at least 1 business day for the product to be dispatched. (Our order may need 1-2 more business day to leave our warehouse during peak season), after that your order will be handled by our shipping partners
    • The delivery time depends on the different services you choose. Please kindly refer to our Shipping page for the details


  1. Can I change and cancel my order?
    • You can change and cancel your order before your order is dispatched. Once your order is dispatched, we are unable to change or cancel your order


  1. What if I received the wrong order?
    • If there’s an occasion when we delivered you the wrong order, shoot us an email and we will help you asap.


Product Information

  1. Is my product made of genuine leather?
    • Yes, every product from ANORAK is made out of 100% genuine leather 

      2. What is vegetable-tanned leather?

    • Vegetable tanning is the process that convert animal hides into leather using organic chemical agents from plants called tannins.
    • After animal skins are degreased and have their hair removed, they are soaked in vegetable tannins found in plants. This process alters the molecular structure of the animal hides by extracting the water molecules from the skins, making the hide less water-soluble, and thereby turning the hide into leather.
    • Although the process is complicated and time consuming, vegetable-tanning is the purest and most traditional procedure to process leather. Vegetable-tanned leather has great colour, grain, and smell. It is also very durable that it can last lifetimes.
  1. How should I preserve the quality of my product?
    • Avoid exposure to heat and water. Minimize friction to prevent major scratches on the leather and the embossment. However, please note that as you use the product, the leather would show mirco-scratches. It will become softer and the colour will change due to the nature of the leather.



  1. Is embossment free of charge?
    • Yes, any form of embossment by ANORAK is 100% free of charge
  1. What font style can I use?
    • We use Quattrocento Roman or Futura for the alphabets.
  1. What font size can I use?
    • We offer different font size based on different types of embossment
      • Initial Embossment: 10mm, 6mm or 0.5mm in height (see product pages for size comparison)
      • Statement Embossment: 6mm in height
      • Emblems: Emblems are 45mm in height with alphabets in 10mm in height.
      4. How many letters can I emboss?
    • Number of letters varies with embossments
      • Initial Embossment: Up to 8 letters generally. Some depends on the product.
      • Statement Embossment: You can choose the various Statements available
      • Emblems: Up to 1 letter
  1. What embossment style can I choose?
    • You can choose foil of gold/silver/red/blue/black colour for embossment. Indent embossment is also available.



  1. How much does it cost for shipping?
    • We offer free shipping for delivery in Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan
    • Worldwide shipping for the rest of the world is subject to a shipping cost. Click the Shipping tap at the top for more information. 
  1. Who does Anorak ship with?
    • We deliver our orders through various couriers including DHL, USPS, Hong Kong Post, SF-Express, DPEX, Australia Post, etc, depending on the destination
    • The exact courier used for your location will be stated in the checkout page
  1. Delivery Time
    • The delivery times are stated in the Shipping page. Please refer to that page for the delivery time for your destination
    • Please note that the delivery times stated in this website are provided by the couriers. Once we ship the product(s) out, we cannot control the actual delivery time. If you have any questions, contact the couriers with your tracking number

    4.  If the item is unclaimed

    • After we've shipped the item, if the item is returned to ANORAK because it is unclaimed by the customer(s), we can deliver such item again, but the customer(s) will be responsible for the shipping cost.

    5.  Duties and taxes

    • Your order may be subject duty taxes and other fees based on your location
    • ANORAK is not responsible for any taxes and duties

Return and exchange

  1. Can I return my order?
    • Yes, if your item(s) was not embossed
    • If you are unsatisfied with your unembossed product(s), feel free to send them back to us.
    • Contact us and we will send you the details of return.
    • You may be subject to any shipping expenses when returning the product(s)
  1. Return Policy
    • If you have chosen for your product(s) to be embossed, unfortunately we are not able to take it back as a return
    • You can return the product(s) within 30 days of receiving the item(s)
    • The product(s) must be unused in its original packaging and in the same condition when the product(s) was received
    • ANORAK is not responsible for any duties, taxes, and any items lost during the return shipping
    • When we’ve received your returned item(s), we will proceed to inspect the item(s) before approving and disproving the return
    • If your return is approved, we will immediately issue a refund for your order. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund to complete


  1. Can I exchange my order?
    • Yes, if your item(s) was not embossed
    • Contact us and we will send you the details of the exchange process
    • You are subject to any shipping expenses for exchanging the item(s), including the expense of sending you the new item(s)



  1. How can I pay?
    • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Paypal
  1. Who is handling my payment?
    • We process all transactions through Stripe or Paypal
  1. What currency am I paying?
    • The website will display the currency of your choice, but you will be paying in HKD.
    • The prices exclude any shipping expenses, duties, and taxes
    • Please note that we are not responsible for any currency discrepancies and conversion rates of your credit card

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