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The Foodie Adventure: The Real Bomb or Just Hype?

ANORAK is full of foodies. Some of us sometimes read food blogs all day in the office(Whoops~). Recently we tried some of the most hyped small bites/restaurants in Hong Kong. Let’s have a look! 🤓


1. BAEKMIDANG Ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream, and when we heard that the renowned BAEKMIDANG from S.Korea is popping up in Hong Kong, we were beyond excited!


We got the original flavour ice cream and IT. IS. BOMB! With every bite you take, it quickly melts in your mouth, with the taste of the organic milk striking every taste buds on your tongue.

Truly hope BAEKIDANG is not only popping up but will have a permanent store here!

 📍 K11, G/F, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


2. CREMIA Ice cream 

Let us continue with the Ice Cream Fever! A restaurant in Tai koo is now serving CREMIA from Japan. Everyone who’s been to Japan must had tried it. The creamy and milky texture will give you a new definition of what soft-serve ice cream should be.


BUT! To us this version is just hype. The taste and flavour is just different from those in Japan. It tastes like milk powder to me. It was simply just…ordinary and forgettable😪

📍 Cosmos House Pancake Café, Shop G5, G/F, Kornhill Plaza North, 1-2 Kornhill Road, Tai koo, Hong Kong 


3. Zagin Soba

The best kind of men is RAMEN. This chicken soup based ramen has been causing a lot of buzz in the ramen lovers community in HK.


The chicken soup base was indeed rich, smooth, and creamy. The noodle was also on point, not too hard and not too soft at the same time. The chicken though, not that much flavour and pretty dry. Not a real bomb but also not just hype either. It's a mehhh🤔

📍 Zagin Soba, G/F, 13A King Kwong Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong



4. The Cheesecake Factory

Last but not least, we finally went to The Cheesecake Factory. It's always been packed since its opening day. We thought maybe after a month and a half there would be less people, but it was still a 2-hour wait for us😱


We didn’t order much, but the Shephard’s Pie was surprisingly good. The potato was crunchy and the ground beef was rich in flavour; although it was pretty salty👀

Bistro Shrimp Pasta. The shrimp was crispy and we really liked it. Plus the spaghetti is al dente!

We forgot to take pictures of the cheesecakes😂😂😂 But overall the food here was good but not completely dazzling at the same time…on the scale of Just Hype to Real Bomb, it's a We'll be back! 

📍 The Cheesecake Factory, Shop G102, Harbour City Gateway Arcade, 25 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


That's a wrap for now! See you guys in the next post! ☺️

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