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Travel with us to Bordeaux!

BORDEAUX! I didn't know much about this place, just that it is where the best wine is made. But as an amateur in wine tasting, its sceneries were what really took my heart. 

I stayed at a Chateau/B&B in Cézac and it was huuuuuuuuge and beautiful! The place was really nice with a vineyard and a classy backyard where I could enjoy my breakfasts. 

Forgot to take more pictures because I was just too dazzled by this place 😂

Chateau La Baronnerie

Address: 1 Lieu Dit la Baronnerie 33620 Cézac


One of the first places I went to was the famous Saint-Émilion. It was great for sight-seeing and a heaven for those who are wine lovers!


I also went to Cité du Vin, a wine museum, for half a day. But it certainly wasn't enough! The museum can easily take you at least two days with all the tours and lessons available.


Another place I loved was The Citadel of Blaye. Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's a beautiful walled city within the city. The vibe inside was really comforting and chic. 


I also visited a Chateau Bertinerie to learn a thing or two about winemaking. (What are the correct pronunciations of the names of these chateaus by the way?😂)

Some of the other pictures I took! 

The Water Mirror! But couldn't really reflect anything when I took the picture 😂

Bordeaux might be considered as a pretty remote city. Next time you go there it's best to rent a car so you can cruise all the way!

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