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Local Foodie: "Filthy" Noodle

In this blog we'll take a break from coffee shops/bars and talk about something local, delicious, and traditional in Hong Kong - Cart noodles! 🤓
Did you know that cart noodle was also known as "filthy noodle" because of its history of poor hygiene and eating environment? Fortunately, it is not the case now and many restaurants offer appetizing and hygienic "filthy noodles," and one of the best out there is Wing Nin Noodle (永年士多)!
Originated in Yuen Long, Wing Nin Noodle recently opened up a new branch in Tsim Sha Tsui. This new branch's interior design is simple and bright which is perfect for millennials to enjoy the noodles and take some nice Instagram photos :p
Okay, enough of the bullshit. Let's talk about the filthy noodle.

Wing Nin's filthy noodle has tons of toppings to choose from. And after you order, line up on the side and your noodle will be ready in a few minutes for you to pick up!
In case you don't know which toppings you should choose, here is our recommendation:
Curdled pig blood: Okay, it may sound a bit gross... But trust me! Most curdled blood out there is tasteless, but the ones in here are tender and richly marinated.
Pig intestine: Yea, I know it's something related to pig again... 
Turnip: Soft and aromatic.
Apart from toppings, you guys should definitely try the Pandan Kaya toast! It's crispy with just the right amount of paste!
Ahhh! By the way, don't go too crazy with the hot sauce. A "mild" is already really spicy.😭 


This is just our suggestion! The magic of cart noodle is that you can combine any toppings as you like! 😋


Wing Nin Noodle                                                                                                                          

Address: Shop 7-8, G/F, 46 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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