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Bored with Lan Kwai Fong? Come here for a new aesthetic vibe!

What a long overdue blog post, but I really wanna write about my new favourite bar in Central! Located in 65 Peel Street, Central, is an aesthetic bar called Ho Lan Jeng. You really gotta pronounce it correctly cause it would sound like “Fucking good” in Chinese if you don’t.

When we went in, I felt like I went into a vintage Chinese home. All the decorations, eating utensils, and furniture are very Chinese and classic.

Some of the food we got:


We tried four kinds of beer. Most of the taps here are named after Chinese fairy tales, pop culture, and places in Hong Kong. It was really exciting to guess what each of them would taste like. My personal favourite is Moon Goddess Stout. 



Risotto Ball

Just like the name says it, it’s risotto fried as a ball shape. It's kind of special but be careful when eating it cause it’s really hot inside. What elevated the whole dish is the truffle mayo. Smelled great, tasted great, and a really good complement to the risotto! 


French Fries

Not bad. Very crispy, but I still like the one I had in Sheung Wan more 😂


Ho L Jeng Crispy Chicken

It is crispy, but there is not much flavour and to be honest it is quite dry.🤔


20HRS Iberico Pork Rib

Now this is the bomb. Extremely tender, juicy, and rich in flavour. Never went to a bar with such great food!



Gwai Lo Leung Cha

Chinese idiom for beer. Leung Cha is like a Chinese medicine; while Gwai Lo is a Chinese way of saying foreigners. So this idiom means that Chinese people think when westerners are sick, they don’t need medicines, just give them some beer!

I don't mind not pronouncing the bar's name correctly, cause it's really FXXING GOOD 😭

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